Posted on: May 2, 2024

How To Replace a Lost OSHA Card

How To Replace a Lost OSHA Card

Has your official DOL card been lost, stolen, or damaged?

If so, you’ll need a replacement, but how do you get one? How much does it cost, and how quickly will it arrive? Continue reading to find out.

What is an OSHA Card?

When you complete an OSHA Outreach course like OSHA 10 or OSHA 30, your OSHA-authorized training provider sends you a durable plastic wallet card that provides proof that you’ve completed the course.

These are often referred to as either OSHA cards or DOL cards because they’re issued by the Department of Labor (DOL).

What Are the Different Types of OSHA Cards?

OSHA cards or DOL cards are divided up by level and industry.

These cards are issued in four different “industries”:

  • Construction
  • Maritime (subdivided into Longshoring, Shipyard, and Marine Terminal)
  • Disaster Worker
  • General Industry, which includes any industry without its own specific card

Each industry has two levels of training – a 10-hour course and a 30-hour course in all cases except Disaster Worker.

OSHA 10, as the shorter course is typically called, is targeted at non-supervisory workers, while OSHA 30 is intended for anyone with supervisory responsibilities. The 30-hour course includes everything from the 10-hour course, adds topics on safety from a systematic and managerial perspective, and includes more specialized safety topics.

Are OSHA Cards Required?

OSHA itself has no requirement for possessing a DOL card or even taking an OSHA Outreach course. The federal government considers them optional.

However, some employers, states, or local jurisdictions do have OSHA card requirements.

OSHA Outreach training is used as a national benchmark for the basics of occupational safety and health training. It provides an industry-specific primer on the most necessary safety topics. OSHA sets the parameters for the curriculum, composed of mandatory, elective, and optional topics, as well as training and authorizing the third-party training providers to deliver the training.

As a result, when a city, state, or employer wants to set a minimum standard for initial workplace training, they often use an OSHA card to do so.

When Are OSHA Construction Cards Required?

Since construction is such a high-risk industry, those cards are the most commonly required.

State or local laws mandate OSHA Construction cards under certain circumstances.

In many places, they're required to bid on or retain a public works contract over a certain size or value. is the case in:

  • Connecticut
  • Miami-Dade County in Florida
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • New Hampshire
  • New York State (except the five boroughs of New York City)
  • Rhode Island
  • West Virginia

A few jurisdictions require DOL cards for construction workers more broadly. This includes:

  • Nevada requires all construction and demolition workers to earn an OSHA 10 or 30 Construction card.
  • Philadelphia, PA, requires DOL cards for all construction or demolition workers, state-registered Home Improvement Contractors, and employees or licensed contractors.
  • New York City requires at least 40 hours of Site Safety Training for all construction or demolition workers on anything larger than a three-family residence. This sometimes includes an OSHA 30 Construction card in addition to city-specific curricula.

Each jurisdiction has its own expiration/renewal period.

This shouldn’t be considered a comprehensive list since new requirements are being added all the time.

Additionally, your employer may require a DOL card even if your jurisdiction does not.

When Are OSHA General Industry Cards Required?

Employers in high-risk industries like manufacturing, industry, and warehousing will often require new workers to complete the OSHA 10 General Industry curriculum early in their employment.

Legal requirements for a General Industry card are rare. In fact, so far, they’re only mandatory for two industries in one jurisdiction.

Nevada requires all entertainment industry workers to earn an OSHA 10 or 30 card within 15 days of beginning employment. For cannabis workers, an OSHA 30 card will be required within the first year.

Can You Get a Replacement DOL Card?

If you’re required to carry your DOL or OSHA card with you to work, there’s a good chance it will get lost, stolen, or damaged eventually. When that happens, you may need to get a replacement.

If your OSHA card was originally issued within the last five years, you are eligible for a ONE-TIME replacement.

How Do You Order a Replacement OSHA Card?

If you’re eligible, you can order your replacement OSHA card through your original training provider. Typically, their website will have instructions for how to order one.

Individuals are only eligible for one replacement card. Be sure to double-check that the quantity in the cart is “1” before checkout to avoid overpaying.

How Much Does a Replacement OSHA Card Cost?

The cost of a replacement DOL card will depend on your training provider and shipping speed.

If you completed OSHA 10 or 30 with us, the replacement card itself will cost $89. Shipping costs range from free to $60, depending on speed.

How Long Will It Take My Replacement OSHA Card to Arrive?

The arrival time of your replacement DOL card will vary by training provider.

If you completed OSHA 10 or 30 with us, we offer options to expedite shipping as soon as next-day.

Our shipping times and costs are as follows:

  • 5- to 7-day shipping through USPS Regular Mail is free when you purchase your replacement card.
  • For $20 per card, you can choose USPS Priority Mail and receive your card in 2-3 days, excluding Sundays.
  • For $60 per card, you can choose UPS Overnight. The card will arrive the day after the order is submitted to UPS.

Order Your Replacement DOL Card Now

If you completed OSHA Outreach Training with us, you can order a replacement OSHA card by:

  • Logging into your student account at
  • Verifying or updating your mailing address.
  • Adding one (1) replacement card to your cart.
  • Checking out and paying any associated fees.

If your training is older than five years or if you’ve already received a replacement card in the past, the only way to get another plastic wallet card is to retake the appropriate OSHA Outreach course. Check out our courses to enroll today!