Confined Space Entry Training for General Industry

This updated version of Confined Spaces 8-Hour Entry Training for General Industry offers a new way to experience online training. Designed for the general industry, this course is for anyone from entry to supervisor level.

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This course fulfills OSHA’s education requirements for safety and health and teaches procedures to protect employees who work in confined spaces with limited or restricted access. Confined spaces include, but are not limited to, underground vaults, tanks, storage bins, manholes, pits, silos, process vessels, and pipelines.

This course addresses how to protect employees from the hazards posed by working in or around confined spaces, including requirements for training, identification and assessment of confined spaces, and rescue.

Upon completion, learners will be certified in the OSHA Standard 1926 Subpart AA.


The most mobile-friendly course available features an interactive user interface that makes it easier for users to navigate and control the course. Course design includes interactive games and exercises built to support and reinforce important safety materials and concepts. Clickable icons and featured information and images enhance the overall learning experience for users.

Course Facts

What You Get

Official OSHA DOL card – shipped within 2 weeks

Who Should Take the Training?

Supervisors and managers in construction


8 hours

Course Format

Certificate of Completion

Course Access

Courses Available 24/7

Standards Covered

29 CFR 1926 Subpart AA

Course Structure

At your own pace, save progress as you go


Support available by email, phone or chat

Course Updates

Content is updated and current

Topics Covered

  • Lesson 1: Scope, Terms, and General Requirements
  • Lesson 2: Employer Responsibilities, Communication and Coordination
  • Lesson 3: Program Requirements
  • Lesson 4: Permit-Required Confined Space Entry Permitting
  • Lesson 5: Roles and Responsibilities
  • Lesson 6: Training and Employee Participation
  • Lesson 7: Atmospheric Testing and Ventilation
  • Lesson 8: Controlling Hazardous Energy
  • Lesson 9: Rescue and Emergency Services
  • Lesson 10: Summary

Course Objectives

This course is designed to meet OSHA standards for employee training in the general industry by covering the following topics:

  • Important terms related to the 29 CFR 1910.146 standard, including reclassification of confined spaces and alternate entry procedures.
  • Responsibilities and communication requirements involved in permit-required CSE.
  • Required contents of a permit-required confined space program.
  • Roles and responsibilities of employers and employees.
  • Training requirements for all employees working in or around permit-required confined spaces.
  • Atmospheric testing and monitoring procedures, equipment used, and ventilation requirements.
  • How to identify and control various sources of hazardous energy in or around confined spaces.
  • Types of rescue services and their general requirements.


Should I Take Training for Construction or General Industry?

Generally, if you are doing any kind of construction work, such as building a new structure or reconfiguring a space, then you will more than likely need the Confined Space Entry Training for Construction. On the other hand, if you are refurbishing existing equipment, then you will probably need the Confined Space Entry Training for General Industry.

However, if you’re not sure which course to take, we recommend checking with your employer or state-regulations.

When Does My Course Expire?

Your course will expire one (1) year after you purchase it (the date you submit payment), unless the course itself indicates otherwise.

For more information about course expiration dates, please read Terms of Use.

How Quickly Will I Get My Certificate of Completion?

Once you finish your course and pass any required exams, you can print your certificate of completion right away.

What Can I Do If I Lose My Certificate?

If you lose your certificate of completion and need a new one, you can contact customer service at (877) 881-2235 or [email protected].

What If I Need a Refund for My Training Course?

If for some reason you are not happy and would like a refund, send us a request within 72 hours of purchase. Here are the eligibility requirements you must meet:

  • Your purchase was made no more than 72 hours prior to your refund request.
  • You have NOT:
    • Attempted any portion of a test or exam.
    • Requested or been issued a certificate of completion.
    • Completed 50% or more of the purchased course.

If you meet all of these criteria, submit your refund request in writing via email to [email protected] with a proof-of-purchase receipt and an explanation for why you are requesting a refund.

You can find more information about our refund policy here.



Confined Space Entry Training for General Industry



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