Ergonomics for Office Workers

This mobile-compatible course covers information about office ergonomics. It will help office workers to identify different ergonomic problems that they may face and the practices or precautions to adopt in order to avoid those problems. Office workers or employers will also be able to understand how to set up their workstations based on recognized ergonomic guidelines.

Course Outline: On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Understand different office ergonomics concepts
  • Identify Cumulative Trauma Disorders (CTDs) and know how to prevent them
  • Understand eyestrain that is a result of Visual Display Terminals (VDTs) and know ways to avoid it
  • How to set up an ergonomically correct workstation (chair, monitor, keyboard, desk, work organization).
  • Other prevention strategies (work pacing, stretching, etc.)

Ergonomics for Office Workers


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