Fire Protection and Life Safety

The discovery of fire was one of the remarkable milestones in the evolution of mankind. Our ancestors found fire to be a source of heat, food preparation, weapon manufacture and protection from wild animals. In course of time, they also discovered that fire was equally destructive. It could burn down anything in its way indiscriminately. Since that revelation, mankind has continually been looking for new and more efficient ways to keep fire from being destructive.

Preventing fires has always been a concern. Be it the simple addition of a water container by the fire pit or the development of scientific detectors that monitor air temperature and structure, the quest to keep fire at bay continues. Despite the advances in technology, the best way to prevent a fire is to put trained people on the task. It is a key component of any security function or operation. We need to know what we are up against and that is what this course aims to address.

Course Objectives: At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • List the causes, types and the four stages of fire
  • State various precautions and fire prevention methods
  • Identify the various factors that determine life safety

Fire Protection and Life Safety


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