Formaldehyde Awareness

This course addresses the possible hazards involved in working with materials that may contain formaldehyde. This course will highlight the materials and processes that will likely expose a worker to formaldehyde, the symptoms and effects of formaldehyde exposure, and measures that can be taken to minimize the harmful effects of formaldehyde on the body.

What is Formaldehyde Awareness Training? 

This course covers the hazards of formaldehyde exposure and how to protect yourself when working around or with this chemical. 

You'll learn to identify formaldehyde in all its various forms, as well as the symptoms and health impacts of exposure. We'll also discuss preventative measures against exposure, like container labeling, signage, employee training, and recordkeeping. 

Who should take Formaldehyde Awareness? 

If you're at risk for formaldehyde exposure in your workplace, you need to take awareness training at least once a year.  This course satisfies the training provisions of 29 CFR 1910.1048. 

Formaldehyde Awareness


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