OSHA Focus Four Hazards

This course provides an overview of construction-related struck-by and caught-in-between hazards, fall protection and electrical safety. Struck-by and caught-in-between hazards, electrical hazards, and falls are the Top 4 fatality-causing events in the construction industry. This program is designed to educate workers in the construction industry to these specific hazards so they can prepare for them, avoid them, and ultimately help eliminate them from the job site.

Course Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Identify the activities that most often cause stuck by and caught in between injuries.
  • Discuss the engineering controls and work practices that will reduce struck by and caught in between injuries.
  • Describe the types of PPE that decrease struck by and caught in between injuries.
  • Discuss falls in the workplace. Identify preventative measures to avoid falls.
  • Discuss the duty to have fall protection.
  • Identify and describe fall protection systems.
  • Develop a fall protection plan. Inspect fall protection equipment.
  • Examine electricity. Identify and discuss electrical hazards.
  • Describe how electricity works. Identify electrical injuries.
  • Describe how to control electrical hazards.
  • Discuss grounding.
  • State the requirements for power tools.
  • Describe the process of locking out and tagging out circuits.
  • Discuss safety-related work practices.
  • Discuss electrical training.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: Struck-By and Caught-in-Between
  • Module 2: Fall Protection
  • Module 3: Electrical Safety

OSHA Focus Four Hazards


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