Introduction to HAZWOPER Basics

This mobile compatible course gives students a general overview and basic understanding of OSHA standards and OSHA’s role in the prevention and elimination of workers’ injuries and fatalities due to hazardous wastes present in workplaces. HAZWOPER stands for Hazardous Wastes Operation and Emergency Response. Hazardous wastes are a major source of worker exposure and fatalities in workplaces. This course does not meet the training requirements for the HAZWOPER 40 Hour, 24 Hour, or 8 Hour Annual Refresher training.

Course Outline:

  • Identify OSHA standards related to HAZWOPER.
  • Discuss methods of protection from hazardous wastes.
  • Explore safety guidelines and requirements of HAZWOPER.
  • Contrast exposure monitoring and medical surveillance.
  • Describe the significance of the site health and safety programs.
  • Examine training and other essential factors associated with HAZWOPER.

Introduction to HAZWOPER Basics


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