Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Construction


The objective of this course is to assist employers with compliance of US legislation by instructing laboratory employees that could become exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials on the disease-causing effects of pathogenic organisms.

The training outlines methods by which a laboratory worker can determine their risk of exposure, the precautions that should be taken to prevent personal and third party contamination--including the concept of universal precautions--and the procedures to follow should an exposure occur. Furthermore, it covers the components required to achieve a successful needle sharps program, and the protocols for the treatment of contaminated surfaces and wastes.

This course also seeks to provide an online training course that covers common aspects of laboratory safety that employers provide to impacted US employees. This training communicates legally required information, and is usually administered prior to starting a task, if the task changes, or as a refresher course.

Finally, this training recommends the best practice procedures that impacted employees can practically utilize to ensure their own personal safety as well as the safety of their coworkers.

Topics Covered

Module 1

  • Section 1 - Overview and Legal Aspects
  • Section 2 - Bloodborne Pathogens Diseases
  • Section 3 - Modes of Transmission & Exposure Determination
  • Section 4 - Control Measures
  • Section 5 - Emergency Procedures & Exposure Control Plan
  • Final Exam

Bloodborne Pathogens Training for Construction


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