Lead Safety in the Workplace

This mobile compatible course is designed for workers who work in areas where the hazard of lead contamination exists. The module focuses on the health risks associated with exposure to lead and how workers can protect themselves against lead.

Lead is a very toxic substance. People who are exposed to lead or lead compounds may become ill or even die due to lead poisoning. Our bodies remove lead from our systems at a slow rate, so inhaling even small doses of lead for a long period of time can result in lead poisoning. Workers who are required to work at or near sites that are contaminated with lead are at a greater risk of lead poisoning.

Course Outline:

  • Identify the health effects and risks of exposure to lead
  • Identify the ways in which lead can enter the body
  • Identify the signs and symptoms of exposure to lead
  • Describe the medical monitoring program
  • Discuss the medical tests that are required before an employee begins work
  • Control lead exposure
  • Identify common control measures

Lead Safety in the Workplace


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