Lockout/Tagout Safety in the Workplace

This mobile compatible course is designed to inform employees about the requirements for lockout/tagout during servicing and maintenance of machines or equipment. Also covered are the requirements of the OSHA Control of Hazardous Energy, or Lockout/tagout Standard, procedures for the application of locks and tags, and a discussion of the types of energy these procedures are designed to control.

Course Outline:

  • Identify key components of the lockout/tagout standard.
  • Name the purpose and elements of an energy control program.
  • Discuss the responsibilities of people involved with lockout/tagout.
  • List elements that must be included in energy control procedures.
  • Summarize the training and inspection requirements.
  • Illustrate steps to safely apply energy shutdown.
  • Describe the basic requirements for lockout/tagout devices.

Lockout/Tagout Safety in the Workplace


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