6 Hour

Mold Inspector Certification

Course Duration: 6.0 Hours

The NAMP certified mold inspector and remediator certification course teaches participants to identify and prevent potential mold infestation within a house or building. This course provides fundamental knowledge about mold and the potential health risks of toxigenic fungi.

Your course teaches the different ways to inspect for, manage, and remediate mold infestations. The course also covers how to remain safe during the mold inspection and removal process.

Course Description

This course covers an overview of the different tools, and personal protective equipment (PPE) used during inspection. Mold is found throughout a home. This course shows how to access potential mold spots in each area of a house or building.

The course details what to inspect and how to access mold while presenting the sampling methods needed to test the fungi detected. The course explains the testing procedures and legal requirements handled by an AIHA-certified laboratory. After receiving the laboratory results, you will need to interpret the laboratory findings. This course teaches the interpretation of laboratory results.

This course is for home inspectors, Contractors, Indoor Air Quality Personnel, Insurance professionals, Real Estate Professionals, and those interested in a new career.

About NAMP

The National Association of Mold Professionals, or NAMP, is a non-profit organization established to create and promote the mold inspection and remediation industry.  NAMP has been around longer than any other mold association.

NAMP developed a training and certification program to provide top-notch education and authoritative credentials for those whose profession involves mold. 

NAMP also hosts activities created to teach the public about mold. The organization instills the value of performing certified fungi inspections as a routine part of real estate transactions, after structures are water damaged, and any time health issues arise.

Topics Covered

This course covers:

  • Detailed instructions on how to inspect each area of a building or house
  • Explanations of tools and protective equipment used in inspections
  • Mold sampling and testing methods and interpreting lab results

Our Instructor: Edward P. Maloney, M.S.

Edward Maloney focused exclusively on mold research for the last 20 years. Maloney is a director of the National Association of Mold Professionals and has taught more than 70 courses on mold inspection, testing and remediation.

He teaches members of all branches of the United States Military, United States Environmental Protection Agency, United States Federal Emergency Management Agency, and many other federal, state, and city agencies. 

Mr. Maloney holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and a Master’s degree in Physiology from Miami University. He is a member of the American Conference of Governmental and Industrial Hygienists and the Technical Director of IMS Laboratory.

Mold Inspector Certification