MSHA - HazCom Overview

The mining operation includes setting up documentation and labeling plans for hazardous material, equipment, and units. Documentation is to ensure that safety precautions are followed, and workers can work in a safe environment. The course discusses MSHA's Title 30CR - Part 47 Hazard Communication in detail, providing people with the guideline required to maintain safety data sheets according to the Globally Harmonized System.

Course Objectives

1. Purpose and Requirements
2. Understanding the Globally Harmonized System
3. HazCom Program
4. Data Sheets
5. Labels and Pictograms

Topics Covered

Course Description
Course Learning Objectives
Key Terms
Purpose and Requirements
Understanding the Globally Harmonized System
HazCom Program
Data Sheets
Labels and Pictograms
Course Summary
Final Exam

MSHA - HazCom Overview


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