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NYC SST: 40 Hour Site Safety Training for Workers

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Requirements NYC SST cards (for Workers).

This package is for workers only. New York City Department of Buildings, local law 196 of 2017, requires that construction and demolition workers on job sites with a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator, or Site Safety Manager must have completed a total of 40 hours of training.

To get more information on if your job site requires this safety training, please visit NYC Site Safety Construction Map and enter your job address.

This package covers the following:

You will be issued your SST card after completing all required hours, identity verification, and scoring at least 75% on all quizzes and final exams.

Note: We are currently offering NYC SST courses in English only.


What Are the Requirements for Construction Safety Training in NYC?

According to NYC Local Law 197 of 2017, construction or demolition workers at job sites that require a Construction Superintendent, Site Safety Coordinator, or Site Safety Manager must comply with New York City's special Site Safety Training.

In order to comply with the law, you need at least 40 hours of Site Safety Training from a training provider that's approved by the New York City Department of Buildings (NYC DOB).

Who Needs a NYC SST Worker Card?

If you perform or oversee construction or demolition on buildings in the five boroughs larger than 3-family homes, you probably need some kind of Site Safety Training (SST) card.

People with certain job titles need a 62-hour Supervisor card. This includes Site Safety Manager, Site Safety Coordinator, Concrete Safety Manager, Construction Superintendent, and anyone designated a Competent Person by the Construction Superintendent.

Everyone else, including those in other supervisory roles, can get a 40-hour Worker SST card instead.

How Do I Get My Site Safety Training Card?

You need to enroll in the appropriate course (40-hour vs 62-hour) with an NYC DOB-approved training provider like us. Then you need to complete all coursework with a passing grade. Once you've done so, we'll issue your SST card. You'll get a temporary paper copy that you can use while your permanent plastic card is shipped in the mail.

Which Courses Do I Need if I Have an OSHA 30 Card?

First, is your OSHA 30 card current? The NYC DOB requires it to be issued within the last 5 years to qualify you for an SST card.

If your OSHA 30 card qualifies, then you'll only need two other courses to earn your 40-hour SST Worker card:

  • 8-hour SST Fall Prevention
  • 2-hour SST Drug and Alcohol Awareness

You can purchase those courses from us individually if they're the only ones you need.

Which Courses Do Workers Need for a 40-Hour SST Card?

There are two routes you can go to earn your 40-hour SST card. You can get your Worker card by earning an OSHA 30 card, as described above. This package is for people who want to go this route but don't have a valid OSHA 30 card yet – just hit the enroll button above.

You can also get your Worker card by starting with an OSHA 10 card. We offer this package as the New Entrant curriculum.

To earn a 40-hour SST Worker card this way, you need:

  • OSHA 10-Hour Outreach Training for Construction
  • 8-hour Fall Prevention
  • 8-hour Site Safety Manager Refresher/Chapter 33
  • 4-hour Supported Scaffold
  • 2-hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • Four 1-hour General Elective courses
  • Four 1-hour Specialized Elective courses

The NYC DOB provides a list of General Elective topics to choose from. Examples include Hand and Power Tools, Protection from Sun Exposure, Electrocution Prevention, and Handling Heavy Materials/Proper Lifting Techniques.

The NYC DOB pre-approves a separate list of Specialized Elective courses to choose from. Examples include Asbestos/Lead Awareness, Confined Space Entry, Job Hazard Analysis, and Ergonomics.


NYC SST: 40 Hour Site Safety Training for Workers


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