SST 1-Hour Protection from Sun Exposure

This is a course about heat-related illnesses (HRIs) and prevention. Learn about your employer's responsibilities to keep you from experiencing HRIs. Enroll now to earn credit for your SST card!

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About This Course

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Did you know that those working in construction account for one in three work-related heat exposure deaths in the U.S.?

Heat-related illnesses and deaths are a threat to those working in construction. The danger of HRIs increases with elevating summer temperatures.

In 2015, 37 heat-related deaths were from those working in construction. Most heat-related deaths occur during the summer months of June, July, and August.

This course covers the risks of heat exposure while working in hot environments. This course focuses on teaching about heat-related illnesses (HRIs) and informs workers about precautions that protect workers from heat-related stress.

Learn about pre‐existing factors that increase your risk of HRIs, how to recognize the major symptoms, and what steps to take to remedy the situation. This course also covers your employer's responsibilities regarding HRI Action Plans and Emergency Action Plans.

This course fulfills 1 hour of general elective credit toward earning or renewing your Site Safety Training (SST) card.

After completing the lessons and passing the 10-question final exam with a score of at least 75%, you'll receive a certificate of completion. You get three attempts to pass the final exam.

Note, this is AWARENESS-LEVEL ORIENTATION ONLY and does not provide any other qualification or authorization outside of the Site Safety Training Card.

Your employers MUST have a site-specific Heat-Related Illness Prevention Plan and an Emergency Action Plan. They also have to provide site-specific training on these plans.

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Topics Covered

  • What makes heat and sun exposure so dangerous?
  • Symptoms and Remedies for Heat-Related Illnesses (HRI)
  • Factors that Increase Your Risk
  • Employer Responsibilities for Hazard Controls

Course Objectives

  • Identify the personal and environmental factors that increase the risk of heat-related illnesses (HRIs).
  • Recognize the different types of HRIs.
  • Describe the appropriate first aid response for each HRI.
  • List methods for preventing or reducing symptoms of heat exposure.
  • Explain how ultraviolet (UV) rays affect skin cells and how unprotected exposure can lead to skin cancer.
  • Recall controls employers must have in place to protect workers from heat exposure.

Instructor Information

Instructor: John Rupp Jr.

Email: [email protected]

SST 1-Hour Protection from Sun Exposure


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