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Sit-down Forklift

What is Sit-down Forklift Training? 

This course covers the safe operation of powered industrial trucks, also known as fork trucks, lift trucks or forklifts. Specifically, this course focuses on sit-down forklifts. 

We'll discuss the various types of forklifts and relevant OSHA and ANSI safety standards, like inspections and records. You'll also learn forklift anatomy. 

We'll cover the potential hazards of working in or near a sit-down forklift, including battery hazards, tip-over issues, and the potential for being struck by a forklift or a falling load.  You'll also learn about the hazards involved in elevating personnel, operating on a raised dock, and performing maintenance. 

You'll learn the safety precautions for preventing any potential injuries. We'll talk about keeping pedestrians safe, proper load handling, and more. 

Who should take Sit-down Forklift Training? 

If you operate a sit-down forklift, this course is for you. We also recommend it for anyone who works around them, since they pose hazards to those nearby. 

Sit-down Forklift


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