Stand-up Forklift

What is Stand-Up Forklift Operator Training? 

Suppose you’re using a stand-up forklift to transport cargo in a warehouse, move material on a construction site, or stock items in a retail store. In that case, you need to understand the safety risks. Our Stand-Up Forklift training course ensures you know how to operate this type of powered truck safely.  

Specifically, you’ll learn how to avoid common safety hazards to keep both yourself and any bystanders safe while operating a stand-up forklift. Additionally, the course keeps you compliant with OSHA regulations. 

Who Should Take the Stand-Up Forklift Operator Safety Course? 

While this training was designed for stand-up forklift operators, we also recommended it for anyone who works in the same environment as stand-up forklifts. 

Stand-up Forklift


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