OSHA Training in West Virginia


OSHA.com offers OSHA training courses that are accepted statewide by West Virginia. The OSHA 10-Hour Training and OSHA 30-Hour Training courses below are available for all workers in West Virginia that need OSHA training cards. In addition, if you relocate to another state, the same card will be honored there.

Enroll Now! Look for the course you want to take, register and pay online, and begin your course when you're ready. You can take the course at your own pace, access the course as needed. This course is 100% online and is available 24×7.

Once you complete the OSHA Online 10-hour or 30-hour course, you may print out your certificate of completion immediately, and you will receive your DOL Wallet Card by US Mail within six to ten weeks.

OSHA Outreach 10-Hour Construction Industry Training

89 59.99

OSHA Outreach 10-Hour General Industry Training

89 59.99

OSHA Outreach 30-Hour Construction Industry Training

189 159.99

OSHA Outreach 30-Hour General Industry Training

189 159.99

Common Occupational Injuries in West Virginia

According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a total of 51 fatal occupational injuries occurred in West Virginia in 2017. 
The 51 fatal injuries happened in the following worksite areas:

  • 19 fatalities from transportation incidents
  • 11 fatalities from falls, slips and trips at the job site
  • 9 fatalities from contact with objects and equipment
  • 8 fatalities from exposure to harmful substances or environments
  • 4 fatalities from fires and explosions

Benefits of OSHA Training in West Virginia

OSHA offers highly detailed standards for specific industries, such as construction. OSHA training in West Virginia promotes safe conditions for everyone on the job site. OSHA's broad and general regulations must be followed by most businesses. 

OSHA training keeps workers safe by providing clear guidelines and standards for the construction industry. The benefits of OSHA training in West Virginia include more than meeting requirements and ensuring worker safety. Well-trained and knowledgeable staff are less likely to be injured. The overall team becomes healthier, more productive, and more aware. 

OSHA training boosts morale, reduces turnover, and retains employees. Ensure your employees remain safe, healthy, productive, and happy by continuing their education of OSHA regulations. 

Having OSHA-trained employees in West Virginia also helps employers avoid potential fines and financial burdens due to injured workers and workers not working under OSHA standards.  
Additional benefits:

  • Helps workers to identify hazards and potential workplace issues
  • Suggest approaches to workers for solving possible health and safety issues
  • Helps employers maintain a safe environment for all workers on the job site
  • Offer training and education for workers at your workplace that increases productivity and morale

OSHA West Virginia Training Requirements

No person should get injured, become ill, or die for a paycheck.

OSHA has a mission to protect workers and provide training that aids in preventing work-related injuries, illnesses, and deaths. This is done by establishing and applying standards and delivering training, outreach, instruction, and assistance. OSHA standards include health and safety training for workers to have the required skills and knowledge to accomplish their work tasks safely.

Workers and employers in West Virginia must meet federal OSHA regulations. West Virginia does not have its own state-specific health and safety program. Therefore, all workers should be trained with regulated OSHA courses. 

As far as training your workers, "Outreach" courses are not required by law; however, OSHA recommends that all workers take Outreach training. Outreach training helps workers become familiar with workplace safety best practices.

Many employers require their workers to complete OSHA Outreach safety training before they begin work or within the first few months of employment. The most popular courses that workers take are OSHA 10-Hour for entry-level and OSHA 30-Hour for supervisory employees.