Legal Liabilities of Asbestos Inspectors

Inspectors face liability and litigation due to the critical role they play in the asbestos management process. The inspection report is an integral part of the management plan and is the basis for all subsequent actions taken.

The inspection report provides guidance for the following:

  • The development of operations and maintenance strategies
  • The determination of response actions

If the inspector fails to document an area of asbestos-containing material or if the inspector improperly assesses the condition of the asbestos-containing material and the building owner is sued, the inspector would almost certainly become involved in asbestos litigation.

During this lesson, we will review liability issues and the basic concepts involved with insurance and bonding for professionals performing asbestos inspections.

Learning Objectives: At the conclusion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Develop an appreciation of the legal liabilities and responsibilities of professionals involved in inspecting buildings for ACM
  • Understand the purpose and limitations of insurance for professionals engaged in asbestos-related work
  • Understand the purpose and limitations of bonding in asbestos-related work

Legal Liabilities of Asbestos Inspectors


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