MSHA - Emergency Spill Response

Chemicals used in a mine are lawful and beneficial components, however, they require precaution and high safety standards to control accidental spills. Chemicals are listed as health hazards and can pose life-threatening situations if appropriate emergency steps are not taken.

There are emergency response plans designed to match the nature of a chemical spill, each having its own specific steps of action to be followed when an emergency arises. This course gives learners the basic steps of emergency response for cyanide spills, acid spills, and mercury or other heavy metal spills.

Course Objectives

1. Cyanide Spill
2. Cyanide Spill Plan
3. Acid Spill
4. Mercury or Other Heavy Metal Spill
5. Chemical Hazards Terms

Topics Covered

Course Description
Course Learning Objectives
Key Terms
Cyanide Spill
Cyanide Spill Plan
Acid Spill
Mercury or Other Heavy Metal Spill
Chemical Hazards Terms
Course Summary
Final Exam

MSHA - Emergency Spill Response


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